Technology and digital solutions are a key factor to engage customers or patients and stregthten their loyalty.

CEEOR largely gains its competitive benefit from its software developed and employed in-house. CEEOR deployed several important software platforms to facilitate faster, smarter and better transfer and processing of data into knowledge. In addition CEEOR provides its software development capabilities for pharmaceutical companies and their clients in various areas.

Reduction of administrative workload

CEEOR delivers software tools for HCPs to reduce their administrative workload. Our softwares helps physicians with their daily routine in order to minimise the time necessary to spend with bureaucracy issues.

Patient engagement tools

CEEOR is a provider of various applications for patients with chronical diseases in order to help them monitor their health condition and live their lives with disease with as much quality as possible.

Regulatory Affairs Support Tools

CEEOR is a key supplier of regulatory affairs tools for maintaining brand dossiers and their sequences in eCTD and NeeS format as a mandatory format while communicating with regulatory agencies throughout the world.

Non-traditional communication channels

CEEOR has an ability to provide non-traditional communication channels with your customers, including e-learning solutions, digital business cards allowing you to communicate with your target through push messaging and more.

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