CEEOR has been among the early pioneers in RWE area in our region and has been providing high quality RWE to worldwide top pharma clients.

Real World Evidence In recent years the Real World Evidence (RWE) has seen increasing demand from manufacturers as well as regulators, in availability, quality and importance. In our activities we have been covering not only the CEE region but through our desk research also far beyond. In our approach we combined both, our highly loyal doctor panels and their carefully selected patients, to achieve high motivation and top quality of data collected.

Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is concerned with optimal use of limited healthcare resources, while at the same time, taking into account generalised preference for better health of patients and the society. The prominence of HEOR increases as health technology manufacturers struggle to establish product value and convince regulators to grant market access and reimbursement to their products. It has shown to be of substantial benefit to build general awareness of a product value by pointing at costs of disease and its burden to a population and state budget. Give your brand the scientific credibility it deserves. With past or current projects in various emerging markets, CEEOR has proved its capacity to address regional needs in countries and geographic regions.

Studies of a treatment pattern are not limited to patients treated with only one product, but rather define the study population as one consisting of a subject with a certain disease. It is then the objective to gain an insight into how these patients are treated under real-world conditions taking into account subjective influence of the physician, patient, patient’s environment, economical factors and other limitations. It may often be more complex to conduct such a study as there may be multiple points of care involved in the study such as different physicians, hospital facility or diagnostics lab. This type of studies may deliver valuable information not only in terms of the medical resource use and their frequency, but also in terms of costs associated with the disease.

Epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology studies focus on obtaining information about occurance of disease in selected populations. Among objectives of epidemiology studies may be the patterns, causes, and effects of disease. Epidemiology is a cornerstone of public health, and informs policy decisions and evidence-based medicine by identifying risk factors for disease and targets for preventive medicine. Obtaining epidemiology information is fundamental prior any introduction and utilisation of pharmaceuticals within a region or a country. CEEOR has evolved into an appreciated partner to pharma companies, providing comprehensive and scientificly sound information from specified regions.

Patient reported outcomes (PRO) are measures reported by the patient. They can be considered “the patient voice” in studies evaluating effectiveness of treatment strategies, thus leaving stronger accent on a subject’s own perception of his health-related well being. The PRO measures are only particularly valuable if obtained without any influence from a physician or other individuals such as family members. PRO figures are particularly useful to inform clinical care and decision-making, predict long-term outcomes and provide objective measure of benefit for health economics evaluations. Unlike surrogate markers typically used to monitor disease progression in many diseases, PRO measures can better encompass complex health condition of patients, also including various adverse reaction of the treatment strategy, psychological and social aspects, as well as underlying health conditions due to, for instance, advanced age.


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