It is the customer who defines the value by his subjective perception

Either physician or patient, it is the customer who defines the value by his subjective perception. We provide our proprietary PromoMonitor® tool along with custom surveys and focus group feedbacks to let our clients get the unfalsified insights. We have contracts with hundreds of doctors in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to provide high quality trusted data. We know to value our physicians as our real partners. Fair payment for data provision and sufficiently large panel sizes are among our key quality criteria.


Sales success in a competitive environment is about mastering promotion better than your competitors. Historically, this has meant relying on investment in traditional sales channels, but Limited resources and regulatory controls however demand more advanced and sophisticated approaches. The ability to adapt and optimize promotional efforts in response to same day feedback on call quality and doctor feedback becomes a key competitive differentiator.

Ad-hoc research projects

There is no one approach fitting all needs. We know it and thus we are always prepared to hear our clients’ needs and complement with our knowledge. Since 2006 we have delivered far more than hundred quantitative or qualitative market research projects across CEE and beyond. For conducting research projects we use our internally developed full-featured EDC. More information on this tool are available on product website

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