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Today, marketing is about engaging customers and attractive inbound activities. The digital transformation has impacted most industries and the health care has not been omitted. With so many wearables, the growing IoT market, and other advances in technology, it may be difficult to prioritize between various ideas.

We thus engage our partner physicians to help us develop the right solutions addressing the real needs of patients. Not only can mobile apps and other loyalty items such as digital cards for mobile wallets benefit patients, they also have the potential to make life easier for clinicians, providing an information channel with patients and streamlining a kay information flow. Tracking medication adherence our subjective state of disease can boost effectiveness and improve timely onset of suitable medication in progressing diseases. E-learning campaigns online our just another way of improving customer loyalty via online engagement.

HCPs engagement and loyalty

CEEOR delivers sofisticated tools focused on digital HCP engagement including specific softwares focused on raising physician’s engagement and loyalty to a selected brand, while helping them with their daily routines.

Patient engagement and loyalty

CEEOR keeps in mind patients and understand their key role in the business environment. We measure and raise adherence and keep patients motivated, loyal and engaged using mobile tools, software and more.

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