CEEOR gained a reputation as a customer-oriented and technology-focused pharma market intelligence provider.

We now grow our digital assets and turn the digital opportunity into engagement and loyalty.

The CEEOR Group

We are an established market intelligence provider for pharmaceutical and healthcare industry since 2006. From 2015 to 2019 CEEOR was part of Kantar Health and then acquired back by its owners. In addition, we provide customized marketing and software solutions. CEEOR has been headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic with affiliates and business activities in other European countries. In helping clients we utilize assets such as panels of physicians, own databases and proprietary software tools.

Market Research Professionals

Members of our MR team are pharma market research specialists with proven year-long experience in the area.

Software Architects

Members of our SW team are software architects and developers with long-term experience with developing software for pharmaceutical industry.

Ivana Šarkanová

Managing Director

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Igor Gembula

Managing partner

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Aleš Tichopád

Managing partner

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